Saturday, June 8, 2013

Warm Bodies

Rating: 5 stars
Read:April 25 to May 10, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

Prepare yourselves for the...

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Yep, just imagine a post-apocalyptic earth, where almost everyone you knew is dead or a living dead.
Where in order to survive people are gathered in stadiums,to seek refuge and to train to survive.

Now imagine, the zombies. People who used to be like us but because of the curse or this virus, they become someone else. They had to feed on the living, they don't remember their name, what they used to be, or even to talk.

And here enters R , our hero or I must say, our anti-hero.

This unique story is told on the perspective of our favorite zombie and I guarantee you'll have a blast going in this journey with him.

Oh yes, this book is full of a dark humor that will amuse you to no end!

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So R is from the beginning a different kind of zombie,he thinks is sad that he doesn't remember his name and he does have a great taste in music!
One day, while raiding to find some living ones, he sees Julie and everything changes!

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He starts changing...

What does it mean that my past is a fog but my present is brilliant, bursting with sound and colour? Since I became Dead I've recorded new memories with the fidelity of an old cassette deck, faint and muffled and ultimately forgettable. But I can recall every hour of the last few days in vivid detail, and the thought of losing a single one horrifies me. 

it's like he is reversing the curse. He is feeling and he is falling for her. Julie. He must keep her safe.

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And it seems that R and Julie may be the key and the hope of them all...

" It doesn't matter. We are where we are, however we got here. What matters is where we go next."

"But can we choose that?"

"I don't know."

"We're Dead. can we really choose anything?"
"Maybe. If we want to bad enough." 

I just LOVED IT!

It's really a one of a kind book, just such an original story.

I must confess that I'm not a fan of zombie stories (or movies), the ones that I do like are the ones that make humor out of it (like Shaun of the Dead, one of the bests ever!!).

And this one doesn't disappoint, the humor in it is just great!
However, we still have the brutality and the violence in those stories, it's definitely not sugar coated. Besides the obvious "battles" between zombies vs living, we get the devastating impact it have on the survivals. The people they lost, the way of life they had or even just the hope of freedom.
Yes, people don't live anymore, they just survive. Almost anyone read anymore or do anything besides training or gathering food.
It does make you think if it's worthy surviving if you're not truly living. If everyone forgets what it means to be human, or to feel anything besides fear.

"The world that birthed that story is long gone, all it's people are dead, but it continues to touch the present and future because someone cared enough about that world to keep it. To put it in words. To remember it."


**egalley kindly provided via netgalley in exchange of a honest review**

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