Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Devil's Metal

Rating : 5 stars
Read: March 23 to 28,2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

"I still pinch myself, you know? Like this might be taken away at any moment. Like my life has been leased to me." 

It's 1974...a year marked by revolutions and resigned presidents.
Even in turmoils and recessions, this is the age of rock n' roll.
The time of epic concerts, festivals, rock gods and groupies!


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Our heroine, Dawn Emerson, lives music and she wants to become a music journalist. 

Music was always the one thing in my life I could count on, the drug that took me away from reality and made me feel whole. 

We can feel her love for music, it gets us through the pages and makes us want to get or old records and listening to songs from this golden age...

Lying on my back, it was easy to get lost in Pink Floyd's rainbow or Elton John's yellow brick road. Jimmy Page stared down at me with a sleepy look in his eyes, while Ozzy made goofy faces. Jeff Beck, The Guess Who, Dust, Wings, The Doors, and Wishbone Ash, jockeyed position with Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Ziggy Stardust, Queen, The Stooges, and The Allman Brothers Band. 

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And then, out of the blue, she is contacted by Creem Magazine to go on road with a band and get an exclusive of their tour. The thing is, the band is the Hybrid, just one of Dawn's favorite bands.

And who are Hybrid?

In the music world, Hybrid is a bastard combination of sexual prowess, chugging guitars, and swaggering bass with delicate hints of country blues and Latino flavor. It is a mess of a band,who, with their upcoming third album,are already pushing the envelope with their energetic live shows and intense fearlessness. 

It all seems a dream came true. To be officially picked by the band manager to document the tour and the opportunity to watch live every concert and to meet in person the guys that cover her wall.

" I don't think I'll ever forget it that feeling of having a band that you loved, the faces you gazed at in magazines, the ones who created life-changing music, staring back at you, and only you.

It all just seems to good to be true,right?

Then we get monsters, crazy b*tches aka GTFO's , strange deal was made and now it was the time for the debt to be collected. This tour was going to make history and Dawn was certain it would drive them all to Hell.

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" I felt horror, a terror so complete that I had one thought : I was going to die there on the stage. I was going to lose my soul. I was going to Hell. I was all fear and only fear, and that's what I would be for all my existence. 

Seriously, the whole scenes with demons and foretelling completely freaked me out.

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I don't know how Dawn didn't freaked out sooner...many of the things she saw where just HORRIBLE and FRIGHTENING. I think if it was me, I'd lost my mind!!

And don't let me start on the GTFO'S, especially Sonja!!
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Oh and the band...

I need to just say some words about Sage.... HOT DAMN!!!!

The mysterious and brooding rock god, talented and uber HOT...I want him <33

And for you guys that read the EIT series, we get some scenes i didn't expected, regarding the thin veil mythology. Which truth may be told, made me freaked out for all the possibilities.

This book was just FANTASTIC!! I shouldn't be surprise since it's a Karina Halle book, but gosh, she surprises every single time.

She made me connect with the characters, feel afraid for them and root for them. She made me fangirl about some certain rock gods and she made me scared. But most of all i felt I was in 1974 ...I was listening to the music, feeling all the concerts and traveling along with them.
Me reading Karina's Halle books:

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I should warn about the ending...It's not a cliffhanger BUT it'll must certainly blow your mind!!!



  1. I had never heard about this book, sounds amazing and that cover is gorgeous!
    Great review! (The only reason I'm writing this comment in english is just so that other non-portuguese readers can understand it haha)

    1. Hi Joana :D
      The book is truly amazing. I'm a huge fan of Karina Halle's book (she is one of my fave authors), her stories are just so damn GOOD!
      And I agree, the cover is just gorgeous :D