Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Bride (Lairds' Fiancées, #1)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: May 10 to 13, 2013
Format Read: Kindle Edition

I need to say first, that I freakin LOVE this book!!!!

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Now, let's crack up the review, shall we?

"It will be a frigid day in heaven before I marry you, milord, a frigid day indeed."

" You've just described the Highlands in winter,lass. And you will marry me."
Exactly one hour later, Lady Jamison was wed to Alec Kincaid. 

By orders of his king, Alec Kincaid must take an english bride. So alongside with Daniel, he goes to pick one of baron's Jamison daughters.

And well, after getting some advice he picks Jamie, the youngest daughter, the one her father didn't include for them to "choose". But well, if one thing we know of this Highlanders, is that they don't ask, they TAKE. 

He'd deliberately lengthened his speech, giving her time to react to his announcement. He thought he was being most considerate. She thought he was demented. 

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It's always a good start for a marriage, isn't it? *snorts*

This 2 are just priceless!

Anyway,Alec's first wife was murdered but everyone believes she killed herself. How do we know she was murdered? We get some parts of the murderer POV and how easy and how exciting it was to discard one life and don't be caught. The person even managed to beside putting Alec through grieve, by faking a suicide, she couldn't be properly buried.

And well, now that the laird got a new wife, we know that the murderer will try to strike again!

So between the delicious bantering between the MCs, the insane chemistry (yep, it will leave all hot and bothered),the alpha male attitude from our highlander and a our very one kick ass heroine... you also get mystery too, because you'll try to guess who the murderer is!!

I completely adored this couple, and it's definitely one of the best!!

If you love to read historical books and highlanders stories, this one is for you!! Julie Garwood is just brilliant!

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