Friday, June 28, 2013

Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy #1)

Rating : 5 of 5 stars
Read : 4 to 7th February 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition 

This book is AMAZING!!!!
First of all, because it's a roller coaster of emotions and when you think that the story will go a certain way...BAM, it goes to a totally different one.

Then when you think you have someone figure it out, he does something out of your assumptions. 
 Because like in real life,things are grey and not black and white.

Third, you think you're reading just a great romance novel...wrong! It actually is so much more.

OK, after i put it down like that, lets get to the story,shall we?

" I have to live with my mistakes, but I don't have to regret them. I regret my actions but I can't regret the consequences. We all make our own paths in life. Everyone we meet, everything we do, it change us. It makes us who we are. And, if we're lucky, we're given the chance to make things right again." 

Ellie is a con artist. After one encounter , when she almost didn't get away, she decides to start fresh. To get a proper job and leave the past behind. The best place to go, it's the only she called home, the only place she was Ellie Watt. And what are the odds to bump into someone she knows? Probably everyone moved out,like she did, after high school.
She never expects to run into Camden McQueen, not that she recognize him at start...he is miles away from the boy he used to be. From the boy that used to be her best friend and the one she betrayed. No longer the goth and the most bullied boy in school, Camden is gorgeous and a talented tattoo artist.
She is attracted to him and feels guilty for the things she did...but when she founds out how successful he is, she decided it'll be easy to con him, and get money to start her life. And what is one more scam? 

" I'm not bad. The world is bad and I'm just trying to survive in it." 

It's a line that sums up Ellie pretty well, she uses her scars to justify everything she does. If the world screws you, you screw the world.
Even so i love her and oh boy, do i love Camden...


But well, like i said, everything is not what it seems, trust and loyalties will be tested, love will be found, love will be lost, death, money...
You just have to put your seat belt on, and be ready for one hell of a ride!

Oh and of course it ends with a major CLIFFHANGER...

... that it'll make you crave for more :)

If you still haven't read any of Karina's Halle books, you should RUUUUUNNNNN and grab a copy! By now you probably have gathered how much I love her books, she truly is one of my favorite authors!

And well, this book was actually the first I read from her and the rest is history! ;)


  1. Glad you loved it <3
    Karina Halle rocks with her amazing books!
    and also, wonderful review :D

    1. So true, Karina Halle rocks <33
      I just love all of her books!

      Thank you Kris =)