Saturday, June 15, 2013

Once Burned (Night Prince #1)

Rating : 5 stars
Read: June 6 to 8, 2013
Format Read : Kindle Edition

Meet Vlad Tepesh...

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Handsome,isn't he?

All Dark and Dangerous...

Guess what? He is one of the most powerful and terrifying vampires in the world. 

Vlad the Impaler, ring any bells?

" You've got the obligatory dangerous-yet-sexy thing going on, but I'll believe you're the real Dracula when you believe I'm the real Frankenstein."

"Dracula is a caricature born from a writer's imaginings,"he snapped,that tiny smile gone. His hands flared hotter,too."It bears no resemblance to me any more than Mary Shelley's story is an accounting of you."

Wow,he took his little fantasy seriously. 


So whatever you do, it's best not to bring up that all Dracula thing to him...
Oh and did I mentioned he have the ability to control fire? Wicked power,right?

Now, Leila, our own kick-ass heroine, have too a terrifying ability. After an accident and being scarred for life, she gained powers. She can channel electricity and also by touching the person or an object that person left an emotional print,she can see their darkest sins. She can even see an even of that person life, past, present or future.

So yeah, she avoids as much as possible human contact.

When the wrong crowd discovers her powers, they kidnap her to find one of the most powerful vampires, Vlad.

They never thought she could be able to communicate with him and plan to "Go medieval on their asses"...

Together, they have to found the person behind it all, before the lives of the people she loves be at risk.

And of course, no one that tries to challenge Vlad, goes without retaliation.

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This book was just AMAZING!! Just AWESOME!!

I'm a big fan of the Night Huntress series, the series in which We first meet Vlad. And he quickly become one of my favorite characters! So to say I was anxious to read his book, is a bit of an understatement,ahah. 

The bantering between Leila and Vlad, it's hilarious...

"No wonder you need such a huge house. Your overconfidence wouldn't fit in anything smaller." 

The scenes they communicate telepathically or when he hears her thoughts, will make you grin like a fool.

Oh and don't let me start in the chemistry!! Let just say that regarding the passion levels, all the sparks and fire they can make together. 

A groan parted my lips and his tongue snaked between them to stroke mine with sensual dominance. He taste like sin made into wine: dark, heady, and impossible to resist.

"If I didn't want you so much," he said in a deadly purr,"I'd let you keep fucking me with your gaze, but you make me impatient." 
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So if you're looking for an action packed story,with lots of fun moments, with a cocky and delicious vampire and a kick-ass heroine, this one is for you.

This series can work as a stand alone but I so recommend the Night Huntress series, it's one of the best PNR series out there!! Plus, all the cameos, from Cat to Bones to Mencheres, will feel extra special :D!!

5 "Vlad is mine" stars 

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