Monday, June 24, 2013

Freebies Alert #1

Hi everyone :)

So this posts, I'll be sharing with you guys the freebies I get from Amazon.
Don't forget, that many of them are only available for a few amount of time, so be quick to get a copy!
Oh and always confirm before 1-click if it's for free!

                 Amazon UK                                 Blown - Amazon UK

          Try Me- Amazon UK                            YFG - Amazon UK

             SBI - Amazon UK                              Cursed - Amazon UK

Of this titles, I already read Try Me and i LOVED it! It's a hot and fun read!

On another note, all of the books of the Cursed series are free. I don't know if they're good but I couldn't let pass the opportunity to have them all! :D

Enjoy and Happy readings!

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